Please read the following carefully before registering:

Public Tours are subject to a guiding fee of $80 per tour, paid in cash directly to the guide.

i. The cut-off date for booking is one month before the tour date, e.g: if the tour is on 5 Feb, the latest date to book it is 4 Jan. 

ii. If a confirmed tour falls on a sitting day, it will be postponed. Education & Publicity Department will inform the affected group beforehand.

iii. All participants are to bring their NRICs or passports on visit day for security clearance.

iv. Dress code is office attire or school uniform.  Visitors shall dress modestly.  No admission will be granted to anyone wearing singlet, shorts, slippers/ sandals or attired in clothing bearing inappropriate words, slogans or symbols, including bearing political party affiliation.

v. Photography and filming are not allowed in the House.

vi. Visitors to arrive by the Public Entrance. Parking is available at the public carpark along 1 Parliament Place.

vii. Group/s to arrive 15 minutes before the tour for logistics and security briefing. No food and beverages are allowed in the House.

viii. All bags, valuables, cigarettes and lighters as well as electronic devices such as handphones and cameras are to be kept in lockers.

ix. Lockers cost 40 cents (small-sized lockers) and 60 cents (medium-sized lockers) for one-time use only. Only 20-cent coins accepted.

x. A fee of $20 on top of technician fee is chargeable for loss of locker key.

xi. Please note that Parliament will not be held responsible for any loss of items.

xii. Visitors are required to be organised alphabetically before proceeding for Security clearance at the Lobby.

xiii. Parliament may take photos and/or record videos during the tour for informational and educational purposes.

Thank you for your cooperation.